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About Us

Many Aboriginal people and language groups are represented from diverse backgrounds from all corners of Australia and we believe it will gain a reputation as being a celebration of reconciliation: a fusion of many cultures sharing in the beauty of our culture and country. The program features renowned artists, high quality emerging performers and grassroots experiences with local Traditional Owners. The Karijini Experience offers a mostly free program with a range of ticketed experiences.

Although rated as Western Australia’s second most iconic destination, Karijini National Park lacks the same level of recognition as the Kimberley, Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef and the Blue Mountains. And yet, it is the second-largest National Park in WA and offers visitors some of the most spectacular sights and experiences that can be found within the Pilbara and indeed all of Australia. It is considered to be one of Australia’s best-kept secrets.


The Karijini Experience was established in 2013 with the inaugural Karijini Dinner Experience hosted by the Pilbara Inland Chamber of Commerce (PICCI). In the following three years it grew from a culinary event under the stars attended by 75 people to a thriving,  annually recurring multi-arts event with a focus on celebrating local Indigenous culture.

In 2019, it attracted 2045 visitors, featured 98 artists, headlined 57 individual events, representing 16 Aboriginal language groups and was supported by 32 partners and sponsors. It is now delivering on its aims of promoting the region’s outstanding cultural and environmental values and building the capacity that will allow it to capitalise on its tourism potential. In 2015, the event was moved from PICCI to The Nintirri Centre Inc. The aim was to ensure the long-term sustainability of an event that had outgrown the capacity of PICCI’s voluntary committee to deliver, and the move has already paid dividends.


Vision & Purpose

To be a cultural catalyst for connecting community and raising the profile of Karijini National Park and the surrounding Inland Pilbara.  To develop and deliver an uplifting, authentic celebration that offers the opportunity for people to come together and be enriched through connecting to this country and its people.

In doing this, the event delivers a number of social, cultural and economic impacts that enhance and promote the Inland Pilbara including the following:


Celebration of environmental protection, connection and culture; opportunities for capacity building and community development in the delivery of the event; and driving social and multicultural inclusion and engagement.


Generation of excitement around the potential for growth in tourism and the resultant benefits that economic diversification will achieve. This includes engagement of the key stakeholders into a discussion on how we build tourism in the Pilbara, as well as driving recognition and promotion of the importance of tourism to the small and medium-sized businesses in the Inland Pilbara; support and promotion of existing, developing and potential tourism product in the region; and the economic flow-through that occurs in hosting a major event in the Inland Pilbara, including overall increased tourism visitation as a result of raising the profile of the Inland Pilbara as a destination.


A platform from which to celebrate the history and heritage of the Inland Pilbara; provision for the maintenance and expression of traditional Indigenous culture; and expression of contemporary arts and culture in a remote region of Western Australia.

Event Program

Perfectly timed to be held during the school holidays and the best of the Pilbara weather, experience a range of art, culture, music and food events and enjoy the stunning Karijini National Park.

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