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About The Experience

The Karijini Experience provides a diverse and inclusive program of authentic, high-quality arts and cultural experiences designed to connect people to the Homeland of the Banjima people and the breath-taking landscape of Karijini National Park.

Reflecting its guiding principles of aboriginal culture, environment, enrichment, rejuvenation and learning, the program features renowned artists, high quality emerging performers and grass roots experiences with local Traditional Owners – the Banjima People.


The Karijini Experience began in 2013 with the inaugural Karijini Dinner Experience created by a small team that wanted to activate the Karijini National Park.

In the subsequent years it has grown from a culinary event under the stars attended by 75 people to a thriving annual multi arts and cultural event with a focus on celebrating local Aboriginal culture.

In 2016 The Nintirri Centre Inc. assumed overall event management responsibility. The aim was to ensure the long-term sustainability of what is fast becoming a major regional event. The Nintirri Centre Inc. is a locally based not-for-profit employing 50 staff across six key service areas, all working towards its vision of enriched lives, thriving communities.

In 2019, it attracted 2045 visitors, featured 98 artists, held 57 individual events, representing 16 Aboriginal language groups and was supported by 32 partners and sponsors.

What sets the Karijini Experience apart from other regional events and festivals is its unique setting and strong sense of place, combined with a growing recognition for the authenticity of its Aboriginal cultural content.

The fact that it has increased from 75 to 2045 visitors since 2013 is as remarkable as
the strength and commitment of its volunteer base.

From 2022, the event was passed over to the Banjima Native Title Aboriginal Corporation (BNTAC) as the representatives of the traditional owners of the land. Nintirri stepped back after the 2021 event with the subsequent appointment of a professional event management company, CMS Events.

The change provides new impetus for the event and greater recognition of the Banjima People.

Vision & Purpose

To be a cultural catalyst for connecting community and raising the profile of the Banjima People and Karijini National Park and the surrounding Inland Pilbara.

To develop and deliver an uplifting, authentic celebration that offers the opportunity for people to come together and be enriched through connecting to this country and its people.


Authentic, intimate, handmade, localised sourcing, innovative programming for immersion in country, culture   and the opportunity to “be”.


Inspiring, rewarding, once-in-a-lifetime experience that makes people want to come again.


Celebrate the people and the place, create opportunities for people to be included, be enriched, rejuvenate, have fun.


Open to partnering, inclusive, community.


Educate, build capacity, value arts and culture as a means to wellbeing.


Caring for country, slow down, keep it simple.