Jundunmunnah Art Exhibition

Thursday 4 - Sunday 7 April | 9.30am to 2.00pm | Free

We're thrilled to announce the annual Jundunmunnah Art Exhibition at this year's Karijini Experience, taking place at the Karijini Visitor Centre. This exciting event offers local Indigenous artists a platform to showcase their artwork to visitors from around the world attending the Karijini Experience. The goal is to foster and celebrate the incredible talent within the Pilbara region by highlighting the diverse range of artists and creatives, while also honouring their rich culture and heritage. Join us in supporting and appreciating these talented individuals and their remarkable artwork.

Discover the National Park

Thursday 4 - Sunday 7 April | Free

Craft your own Karijini Experience by dedicating time to explore the breathtaking gorges within the stunning national park.

Silent Auction hosted by PMWI

Thursday 4 - Sunday 7 April

While you're immersing yourself in the diverse workshops and activities at the Karijini Village, don't forget to explore the Silent Auction presented by PMWI. Bid on remarkable artwork by Indigenous artists, knowing that all proceeds will support the Wiluna Remote Primary School. Each day features a new auction, and winners will be announced in the evenings. Take part in this meaningful initiative while experiencing the vibrant culture and creativity of the Karijini Experience.

Welcome to Country & Barlgabi

Thursday 4 April | 5.30pm - 9.30pm | Free

Experience a heartfelt Welcome to Country by our Traditional Owners during the official opening of the 2024 Karijini Experience. Immerse yourself in the rich Banjima culture and marvel at the stunning landscapes of Karijini National Park. The ceremonial welcome will feature a Barlgabi (Corroboree) and smoking ceremony, inviting you and your family to participate. Enjoy music from Bradley Hall Band afterward. Bring your own chairs, parking is available at the event. The bar will open once the entertainment begins.

Morning Yoga

Friday 5 - Sunday 7 April | 8.00am to 9.00am | Free

Let Tabitha guide you through her Yoga / Stretching class. A different approach incorporating a light energetic morning flow with some deep static stretching, finishing the class with a small meditation and guided breath exercise. Tabitha will help you become more mindful and aware of the simple body mechanics. Melting away any aches and pains. Come down and wake your body up the right way.

Perth Football Club Training Camp

Friday 5 - Sunday 7 April | 9am to 10am | Free

Experience an engaging and educational football training camp designed to introduce participants to AFL skills and various games in an interactive setting. Led by WAFL players, this program is inclusive and caters to individuals of all experience levels and abilities in AFL. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about proper warm-up techniques, improve their football skills, engage in team-building activities, enjoy football games and even receive giveaways!

Boomerang Sand Art Crafts

Friday 5 - Sunday 7 April | 9am - 12pm | Free

Join us for some arts and crafts at the Karijini Experience as we create boomerang sand art crafts. You can take home your masterpiece and cherish the memories of your time at the event!

Tiny Tots Play Gym

Friday 5 - Sunday 7 April | 9am - 6pm | Free

Tom Price Tiny Tots Play Gym offers a secure and fun soft playground designed for children under 5 years old. With unlimited playtime, they'll be open from 9am to 6pm Friday to Sunday during the Karijini Experience.

Art Workshop

Friday 5 - Sunday 7 April | 9.30am - 11.30am | Free

Loretta Egan, a proud Yamatji woman, relocated to Alice Springs where she learnt the art form of dot painting and received permission to practice from traditional landowners. Loretta has worked extensively with Art Galleries around Perth, and has been part of exhibitions across Australia. In her workshop, Loretta will showcase her unique dot painting style, sharing insights into the symbols and narratives embedded within her art. Guests will have the opportunity to create their own personalised artwork to take home and cherish.

Kids Sewing

Friday 5 April | 9.30am to 2pm | Free

Children can learn and practice basic sewing skills, creating their own scrunchies, fabric purses/wallets and tote bags to take home. It's a fun and educational activity that encourages creativity and provides children with useful sewing techniques they can continue to develop.

Culture Weave

Friday 5 - Sunday 7 April | 10am to 1pm | Free

Join Nadine Foley, a Whadjuk and Balladong Noongar and Nikinya woman, for an immersive weaving workshop that intertwines First Nations knowledge and cultural practices. Suitable for all skill levels, Nadine's workshops foster unity and reconciliation through collaborative weaving, yarning, and storytelling circles. Gather around to share stories of resilience, culture, and solidarity while mastering a skill passed down by ancestors. Leave with a unique keepsake to cherish memories of the Karijini Experience 2024.

Reptile Display

Friday 5 - Sunday 7 April | 10am to 2pm | Free

Join the Perth Reptile Company for an interactive experience featuring snakes, lizards, frogs, and turtles. Get up close and personal with these fascinating creatures and if you're brave enough, even have the opportunity to hold the snakes and lizards. Reptiles joining us at the Karijini Experience include Pygmy Python, Childrens Python or Stimsons Python, Woma Python, Black Headed Python, South West Carpet Python, Olive Python, Northern Blue Tongue Lizard, Bobtail Lizard, Ridgetail Monitor Lizard, Magnificent Tree Frog and Dinner Plate Turtle

Family Games

Friday 5 April | 3pm to 5pm | Free

Gather the entire family for an afternoon of classic games and sports at the Village! Join in on timeless favorites like tug-of-war, egg-and-spoon races, three-legged race and tunnel ball. It's a chance for everyone to bond, have fun and create lasting memories together. Prizes available, sign up at the Karijini Experience Village during the event! Teams to be 4 to 5 people.


Friday 5 - Sunday 7 April | Free

Make sure to visit the Elders tent at The Village during your time at the Karijini Experience. Here, you'll have the opportunity to engage with some of the Traditional Owners, listen to their captivating stories and immerse yourself in the deep culture and heritage of the Banjima people.

Cooking Demonstration

Friday 5 - Sunday 7 April | 11am to 12pm | Free

Witness Chef Zach from Iluka's Kitchen in action as he conducts daily cooking demonstrations at the Karijini Experience village, guiding you through the creation of delectable meals.

Language Workshop

Friday 5 - Sunday 7 April | 12pm to 1pm | Free

Join May Byrne, a Banjima Traditional Owner and author, as she captivates audiences with stories and readings from her book "Banjima (Milyuranba Banjima)". Following the readings, May will also offer a unique opportunity to learn some of the Banjima language. Immerse yourself in the local culture and enhance your experience at the Karijini Experience by learning key phrases and expressions.

Jundunmunnah Art Exhibition Opening Event

Friday 5 April | 2:30pm to 4:30pm | Free

Join us at the Karijini Visitor Centre for the opening of the Jundunmunnah Art Exhibition and celebrate the talent individuals and their amazing artwork on show!

Movie Night - Sweet As

Friday 5 April | 6.30pm to 8pm | Free

Sweet As tells the story of Murra, a 16-year-old indigenous girl from remote Pilbara country in Western Australia. On the cusp of being lost to the Child Protection system, Murra is thrown an unusual lifeline by her uncle Ian, the local cop, in the form of a photo safari. Then include the rest with this “An uplifting coming-of-age road movie about unconventional friendships, first crushes and finding who you are on the road less travelled. Bring your own chairs and join us for a delightful movie night under the stars!

Entertainment - Broken Tides

Friday 5 April | 8pm to 10pm | Free

Experience the vibrant atmosphere of live music from Broken Tides that will keep the evening alive with their captivating tunes and entertainment. BYO Chairs, free parking available.

Bush Medicine Workshop

Saturday 6 April | 9am to 10am | Free

Come join Cherylea Walker and her team at Mayaga Enterprises for an engaging workshop on local Pilbara Bush Medicine plants and their significance. Gain valuable insights into the uses of these plants and their cultural importance, preparing you to explore the National Park with confidence. Mayaga Enterprises specialises in crafting authentic handmade Pilbara Bush Medicine remedies and cultural keepsakes from Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi traditions. This free and child-friendly workshop offers a rare opportunity for hands-on learning, featuring show-and-tell, demonstrations and tastings. Don't miss out on this enriching experience!

Football Workshop

Saturday 6 April | 9am to 10am | Free

Participate in a workshop with WAFL players as they share their experiences and insights into the world of football. From discussing their journey into the sport to sharing what it's like playing at a professional level, they'll cover topics like training regimens, nutrition, and more. Don't miss this opportunity to gain a real insight into the world of AFL from the players themselves.

Weekend Markets

Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 April | 9am to 4pm | Free

Discover an array of unique and handmade treasures at the Weekend Market, featuring artisanal wares from regional and remote Western Australia. Browse through a diverse selection of fashion, crafts, photography and more to pick up some treasures to take home with you.

Kirrikin Fashion Show

Saturday 6 April | 7.00pm to 7.30pm | Free

Join us for an unforgettable evening of Indigenous fashion and culture at the Karijini Experience, featuring Banjima models. Proud Wonnarua woman Amanda Healy founded luxury fashion brand Kirrikin Australia in 2004 after identifying a need for Indigenous representation in the fashion industry, as well as on the shoulders of everyday people during their every day experiences. Now in its 10th year, Kirrikin has become one of Australia's most beloved Indigenous-owned and inspired brands. Experience the beauty of Australian Indigenous art and fashion against the breathtaking backdrop of Karijini National Park.

Entertainment - Alice Skye

Saturday 6 April | 7.30pm to 9.30pm | Free

Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere with live music by Alice Skye, keeping the evening alive with captivating tunes and entertainment. BYO chairs, and free parking available.