The Narli Ensemble perform Kimberley Echoes – a cross-cultural celebration of the Pilbara’s neighbouring Kimberley country and its people, it celebrates connection and difference – the collaboration of very diverse artists on country, across time. Be a part of this richly varied music experience in the captivating natural amphitheatre of Kalamina Gorge, for a powerful performance, a juxtaposition of style and content interwoven with heartfelt humanity.

Curated by Tura New Music, the highly acclaimed production features The Narli Ensemble (Nar-lee) in a close collaboration between:  Stephen Pigram (guitar, vocals), Erkki Veltheim (violin), Stephen Magnusson (guitar), Mark Atkins (didgeridoo, vocals), Tristen Parr (cello), Joe Talia (percussion) & Tos Mahoney (flute) with special guest Kimberley artists


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3pm - 4:30pm


Kalamina Gorge