Banjima Cultural Rules within Karijini National Park from the Elders.

We would like everyone to come and enjoy this unique Country, but ask that you please respect it.

Please do not throw any objects into the gorges or pools, and do not take materials from the park, like rocks or plants. Please do not bring alcohol, shout, draw graffiti, or behave disrespectfully in the gorges.
Lastly, we ask that you respect the Traditional Owners and Rangers, and please observe all the Park’s signs.

Other important cultural requests to keep in mind.

• Be careful and respectful around Yinda (water/springs) and the gorges as these have deep cultural significance.
• The cultural information we are allowed to share with you will be done through performances and presentations.
• Please do not ask community members about cultural lore business – much of this is private.
• If elders are speaking together, please do not interrupt. Wait until you are acknowledged and invited to speak.
• If there is lightning in the area, Banjima advice is do not wear red.
• Please ask if it is ok to take photos of or with the Elders. If they say no, please do not be offended as they may have a good reason for doing so.
• Many families are currently grieving and the use of deceased persons’ names should be avoided as best you can.
If by chance your name is the same name as the deceased persons’, please refer to yourself as Jukari (then your surname) or use your initials as best you can. This will be greatly appreciated by all.
• Airplanes and drones should not fly directly over the gorges or springs.
• Banjima Rangers will be available to help you with any information you might need. If they can’t help you, they will show you someone who can.